Clients page weirdness

I’m noticing some weirdness and inconsistencies on the clients page (Mango GL-MT300N-V2 firmware 3.105 (current)).

  1. Only one device has a properly resolved DNS name. All others show an asterisk. Most of these do in fact have DNS PTR records for the IPs listed.

  2. One one device has the ‘block’ toggle in dark grey (functional); the rest are very light grey. Coincidentally, this is the same as the one that has the only resolved DNS name.

  3. One device in the “2.4G Wireless Device” has the correct MAC address but the IP is completely wrong (and the IP is unpingable).

  4. Is there a way to clear entries from this table? Individually would be best. A complete wipe right now would be OK as well.

[Edit: I did what I could do–reboot it–but the entire table stayed put.]

Can you remove the offline clients

@alzhou Thanks for the link to that other thread! That seemed to work to fix item 4 in my list of questions.

For convenience to others, quoted here:

–begin snippet–
Can you just add to /etc/rc.local

rm /tmp/tertf/tertfinfo_bak
rm /etc/tertf/tertfinfo_bak

–end snippet–

And then I rebooted.

Though comfortable with the CLI, I used the OpenWRT GUI under System → Startup and modified the /etc/rc.local file from there. Worked like a charm.

Future enhancement request: allow removal of individual entries, or a big “clear” button on the GUI to do so.

Yes. Definitely will be.