Cloud Storage Sync

Hi All,
New to the Forum.
I have recently setup TransmissionRPC on a mounted external drive on my GL-iNet MT300N-V2, it works a treat :wink:
Is it possible to sync the contents of a directory (ie: my completed directory) with an online storage service such as GDrive , OneDrive , etc . This would preferably be a continuous sync, but could also accept a one-off manual sync if it really wasn’t very feasible. How would one do this ??
I’ve read about packages like “rclone”, but don’t imagine there are versions compiled for the router OR would be too difficult / convoluted to get working.

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You can map your cloud server to a file directory in the router, and Transmission can directly treat the mapped directory as a normal sync folder

@ luochongjun : thanks for the reply, how would this be done? is it with Webdav? what about authentication ? ( I’m not familiar with webdav & mounting like this) . does this go into the fstab? what would the steps be?

Thanks in advance


Just my simple idea, depending on whether your cloud supports mapping, a service like Onedrive, typically maps directly to a disk, and then, you can operate on Linux just as you would a normal disk, and you can ask the vendor if there is a client for Linux