Collie GL-X300B-RS485 documentation needed

There’s not much documentation for GL-X300B on the website, only the most recent user’s manual and it doesn’t cover RS485 interface which I’m planning to use with my device. It looks like RS485 version (with two antennas) has been discontinued and I cannot find any documentation for it anymore. Does anyone know where I can find the older User’s Manual and Datasheet? That’s the minimum I need, any extra documentation would be an advantage.

For some reason we discontinued RS485 support.

I can find some internal document for you to use if you have to use that.

I just by GL-X300B on Nov 2022. There are connector like RS-485 and +Vdc, G on font panel. You said “we discontinued RS485 support”. It means no software web interface support but still can access the physical pin with our own compile code. Or you means no wiring RS-485 pin out.

If you device model is X300-RS485, there is RS485 chip in the device. There is RS485 web interface in
V3.211 firmware, so you can use this version firmware to test.
Firmware path:
This is old User’s Manual: