Compile stunnel for B1300 (Convexa-B)

Hello GL-inet Team,

the plugin „stunnel“ is not working on the B1300.
Can you compile it for?

Many thanks in advance
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Can someone help to compile the newest stunnel (5.56) for the B1300 ( IPQ40xx) - Is that possible?
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Since the B1300 uses qsdk and the version is 15.05, I am not sure if it is ok. We will look at this internally and reply to you later. Thank you.

Thank you in advance for your efforts

"root@GL-B1300:~# stunnel

/usr/bin/stunnel: symbol 'COMP_zlib': can't resolve symbol"

The actual issue is the factory default libopenssl package is compiled without “compression support” enable.
So I upload a enabled version for you.

Also you prefered new version of stunnel package and openwrt package source.

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Hello hansome, you are awesome!!! <3
It works perfect.

Iam happy now :blush:

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