Compile Wireguard package to MT300N

So, I’m trying to make Wireguard ( work on MT300N.

It was supposed to have its package available to OpenWrt, as it states on their QuickStart. It was supposed just to be: opkg install kmod-wireguard wireguard-tools. However, it is not. This package is not listed on OpenWrt repo: Index of /snapshots/trunk/ar71xx/generic/packages/packages/


So, I figure that from here ( , I get that we use MediaTek 7620N. From here ( I thought that our architecture was MIPS 24KEc.

But, this package is available to LEDE project! So, I’ve tried to install from these sources:

No luck.


I’ve also tried to add these repositories to OpenWrt:

src/gz reboot_core Index of /snapshots/targets/ramips/mt7620/packages/
src/gz reboot_base Index of /snapshots/packages/mipsel_24kc/base/
src/gz reboot_telephony Index of /snapshots/packages/mipsel_24kc/telephony/
src/gz reboot_packages Index of /snapshots/packages/mipsel_24kc/packages/
src/gz reboot_routing Index of /snapshots/packages/mipsel_24kc/routing/
src/gz reboot_luci Index of /snapshots/packages/mipsel_24kc/luci/

Also, none worked.

So, the last alternative I can figure is to compile this software TO the hardware (and not in the hardware itself). As I’ve never done it, what is the SDK needed to build to MT300N? How do I create the package after it compiled?


You cannot install LEDE package to Openwrt as the toolchain changed.

You can try LEDE imagebuilder [OpenWrt Wiki] docs:user-guide:imagebuilder

or build the whole openwrt source

I’ve OpenWRT on it. So, I have to build all OpenWRT source and later compile Wireguard?

You need to compile wireguard as one package in openwrt. You need to compile them together. So if there are some some kernel modules there is no kernel mismatch problems.