Compiling 3.104 firmware for A300M


I’m trying to compile 3.104 firmware for AR300M, I’ve downloaded/cloned the image builder but when I look at the firmware tags the latest is showing as ar300m_v3.024_20190614

Is it possible for me to build firmware from a newer image (3.104?) or at least newer than 3.024?

You can run the following command inside the glinet folder for the exact version you want, replacing VERSION with whatever you are after

git checkout ar300M_VERSION

Thank you, I feel like I had it at one point but not now.

I’ve downloaded the latest glinet (default master branch), cd into that glinet folder, but the latest version (using git tag) for ar300m is showing as ar300m_v3.024_20190614 from 2019 - am I missing something to get the later builds such as v3.104?

Screenshot from 2020-08-21 13-47-00

hello,Please switch to the ar300m branch,And execute the following command to compile ar300m V3.104 firmware:
git checkout ar300m_v3.104_20200523
nor: ./gl_image -p ar300m16
nand: ./gl_image -p ar300m
I have confirmed that there is no problem.