.config file for 2.264 firmware

Would you mind sharing the .config file used to generate the 2.264 firmware?

Thanks in advance.

Please check the imagebuilders. Even you have the .config you will not be able to generate the same firmware as our stock firmware.

But you can compile a clean firmware with only the packages you need.

I forgot to mention the device: MT300N V2.

WiFi is not woking. I’ve used both mt76* packages and mt7628-binary.



LEDE does not support the mt7628 yet and is a work in progress in LEDE/snapshots.

You will need to use the GL-iNet imagebuilder to build your own as alzhao said earlier.

You cannot use mt76 and mt7628 at the same time. They are both the wifi drivers. This will cause problems.

I was able to get WiFi working with the OpenSource drivers with the following config (/etc/config/wireless):


config wifi-device ‘radio0’

option type ‘mac80211’

option channel ‘11’

option hwmode ‘11g’

option path ‘platform/10300000.wmac’

option htmode ‘HT20’


config wifi-iface ‘default_radio0’

option device ‘radio0’

option network ‘lan’

option mode ‘ap’

option ssid ‘MyNetwork’

option key ‘MyPass’

option encryption ‘psk-mixed’


However, Uploads speeds are null (~10 kbps, tops). I can’t upload a file. On cable, it works fine.

Any help is appreciate.

I’ve tried removing the opensource driver and using the MTK7628-binary package. However this same configuration didn’t work.

Can you pls try this:

Imagebuilder tells you how to compile firmware for MT300N-V2 exactly.

Here is the files that should be used for MT300N-V2 MTK driver, specially /etc/config/wireless



On message #4, on this topic, bluewavenet told that MT7628 binaries are not working on LEDE. Is this correct? So, if I’m compiling everything, I should stick with the opensource code?

It depends on what applications you want to develop. I think @bluewavenet means that the MTK driver is not open source. If you use our imagebuilder it is OK because it is already compiled. MT7628 open source driver doesn’t not works good. So, please use MTK driver directly. It works as repeater and ap, but not monitor.