Configuration band steering with DAWN in gl-m6000 Flint 2 Router

Hi to everyone,
i need support to configure band steering on my WiFi, in another topic i read possibility to use DAWN, but i don’t know how to configure.
Can i have a suport to configuration parameters?

Are you sure that you need band steering?

Why? you told me is not necessary?

If you just use 1 router / access point it’s not really necessary, yep.

Thank you for your consideration, I’ll keep it in mind. I might give it a try anyway, even just out of curiosity. You never know, I might end up installing an access point in the future to extend the network if needed.

Band steering is for pushing a client to a particular frequency in cases where SSIDs are used on both 5ghz and 2.4ghz. Can be good for pushing IoT devices to 2.4ghz and media devices to 5ghz.

I know, but it does not really make sense to use band steering like this on a single endpoint.
It would be more simple to use different SSIDs then.

I agree on using multiple SSIDs instead of band steering, but OP may have reasons they don’t want multiple SSIDs. Perhaps @Riukira you could explain a little more about why you are intent on using band steering rather than separating SSIDs?

Actually, I’ve always thought that letting the router manage the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands based on signal strength was the best option. True, I live in an apartment and the 5 GHz signal is strong everywhere, more of a preference really. Am I understanding correctly that it’s not recommended instead?

You can run into issues, particularly with IoT devices, where a client doesn’t really handle the SSID with multiple frequencies well. As @admon stated, I would recommend splitting your SSIDs into one for 5ghz and another for 2.4ghz. Allows better control where you can keep 5ghz for bandwidth intensive clients and 2.4ghz for low bandwidth devices or devices that might benefit from the extra range.

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You’ve been clear, so indeed I’ve created a dedicated network for IoT devices that operates only on the 2.4GHz frequency. Even for the guest network, I’ve eliminated the 5GHz network since it’s for guests, and the primary network, to which I connect my devices (PC, smartphone, TV, etc.), is the only one operating on dual frequencies. However, upon further thought, having the ability to decide which band to connect devices to, depending on the needs, does make sense. You’ve convinced me, thank you.