Configuration of 'Slate' device across subnets

Just acquired a Gl-iNet Slate VPN device. Have “VPN unLimited” working 100%. Btw, it was the fastest configuration of a VPN on any device have ever configured, and that is a lot of devices. Anyway…

Looking for advice on: travel somewhat so the portability of the ‘Slate’ is excellent. I’d like to be able to insert the Slate into my network when at home as I want to use a specific laptop and pad via the ‘Slate’ which utilized the VPN 100% of the time. However, I need to be able to communicate with a subnet for file transfers (security cameras, etc). Network looks like:

Service Provider modem/router/broadcasts wireless network A

Slate hardwired into Service Provider modem/router via WAN port, Slate broadcasts wireless network B

What settings do I need to enable to be able to communicate to/from network B to network A? I know am not using the proper terminology given I am a newb. Any pointers on how to enable or configure the Slate device so I would be able to use the VPN 100% of the time with any device connected to it (hardwired or wireless), and be able to communicate to network A.

Or am I trying to do something that is better handled by a different Gl-iNet device?

Reason for going this route is I want to create a single point of VPN so I can rely on a killswitch functionality instead of a software killswitch functionality on different devices, e.g. cell phone, pads. Laptops, desktops, etc… I want all devices that go out to the internet to utilize a single VPN.

Thoughts? tx

You can connect to Network B from Network A. There is an option on the VPN setting for this.

Yes… I tried this and not joy. I will reset to factory, rebuild from zero, and see if I can enable this. it would solve a lot of problems if I could just get this piece to work.

tx for the reply. Once I can get that working, will take on pppoe which I trust will be more difficult…

It worked. The first couple of times it did not work. Reset everything and it worked. Well, cool.

Now to take on PPPOE… ugh. That would solve the other 1/2 of my pursuit.

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Spoke too soon. Had installed Wireguard and VPN worked A-ok, first time. Activated WAN access, and everything broke. Reinstalling from zero and now cannot get anything to work. Sigh. Tried new install and OpenVPN. Also no go. So just trying to get a fresh install and any VPN working.

Will come at it in the morn.

I suggest you post details of what work and what does not work.

For example, “VPN unlimited” has many bugs and only some of their servers work.

Thank you for reaching out. I finally was able to iron out everything and I have several of their servers working. This is a concern of course… safety. Would you not use VPN Unlimited for that reason (am guessing the answer is no… you would not use it).

On to PPPOE now.