Hello all i have a question if i make a backup of my gli 1800 router configuration do i have to reinstall my packages like zerotier and etherwake when i restore it and reset up the packages and if an updated came out would it maybe brake my configured setting?

If you use the LuCI to make a backup via LuCi → System → Backup / Flash Firmware, then it includes the most common configuration files under the /etc directory, but does not back up the packages you have installed that are not in the installed firmware.

If you do a Hard Reset to factory settings without performing a firmware update, then you have to reinstall the packages and reconfigure manually or restore the backup.

If you perform a firmware update without a hard reset, then the packages you have installed and settings should not be removed unless the new firmware requires that. Depending on what is in the new firmware, the router may still work or you may have to make further changes. You can also do a Hard Reset and reconfigure manually.

If you do a hard reset and perform a firmware update, then it is advisable to reconfigure manually like a new router.

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thank you very much for the outstanding help.