Configure defaults WireGuard on AR-750

We are using a bunch of AR-750 and 750S for VPNs.
Hard as I try, I cannot figure out how to change the defaults that the routers use to generate the WireGuard clients.
I want to change it so that when it generates a client config that I can specify a different DNS server from to say and also a different allowedIPs from to say
This would save me having to manually reconfigure each client generated on each of our routers and save management for remote users too.
Can somebody please tell me which files I need to edit (no, not the resultant client details in etc/config/wireguard_server please).
Thanks in advance.

You can manually modify the configuration when exporting the configuration file.

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Thanks very much for your reply, but that is exactly what I am trying to avoid having to do due to the number of clients, VPNs and routers I have deployed. As per my post, I want to change the defaults so that it generates the config file with a different DNS server than and allowedIPs different from
I can do this on a full WireGuard server that is not on the router but I want to change it on the routers.
So, if anyone can advise which files I need to edit to set the defaults it would be appreciated.

This part of the code is implemented in C, so there is no way to directly modify file.