Configuring Spitz

I recently acquired a Spitz Wireless Router that was configured to provide two networks.

Currently, it works on a T Mobile account but only one of the two networks seem to work.

I would like to find help reconfiguring this device to better suit my needs and am willing to compensate for the help.

If interested, please reach out to me by text at 850-502-2505.



It can be you should tell for interested people what this for a number ?

  • SMS ?
  • On which country ?
  • Or what ever …

Thank you.

I guess this shows my naïveté in technical matters.

850-502-2505 is a mobile number that can receive SMS or text messages in the US.

I wouldn’t post my number on a public forum, but use the message service instead.

If remember right, the US have the precall 001 …

Thanks again for your recommendations.

This is a mobile number that I have just for this purpose.

If you post more details may someone can help for free.

I don’t know enough about the device to post more information!

I know the model number and that as it’s configured now, it created two networks that both worked. Now, after inserting a new SIM card from the same provider, only one works.

Does that help?

You can give more details about the not working one, for example giving a screenshot which show the exact problem.

I may be showing my ignorance here but the only evidence of the problem with the network that doesn’t work is that it doesn’t work!

When connected to that network, any effort to access a webpage simply stops and displays “Safari cannot open the page because the server cannot be found.”

Does this help?

Ok, using two iOS devices, I did a comparison of the information under each of the two networks.

While I clearly don’t understand what this means, the only difference between the two is that the network that does not work shows two IP addresses under the heading IPv6 addresses?

Is this significant?

Reset your router:

Now follow this guide:

Thanks for the two links.

I read the instructions contained in both links but before I attempt either, I’d like to try to understand the difference between REPAIR and RESET.

RESET to factory defaults is pretty straight forward.

But, what does repair do?

As you are configuring the router, you should have the configuration like this guide

It has a Interface to configure the modem. So you need to send screenshots to show if the router is connected to the carrier already or not.

The device is already connecting to T Mobile and one of the two networks is working.

Perhaps I could simply “forget” the network that is not working and continue to use the device as it is but I wonder if it is working as well as it could?