Confused about MT1300

I bought an MT1300 to upgrade my AR750s reading the following on GL.iNet web site:

Beryl (GL -MT1300 ) is a high-performance new generation pocket-sized router that offers a powerful hardware and first-class cybersecurity protocol with unique and modern design. Beryl is the new era of travel router, an advanced version of our best-seller, Slate (GL -AR750S).

So “advanced version of our best-seller, Slate (GL -AR750S)” means you should get everything and something extra than Slate with Beryl. Unfortunately, it seems the “upgraded” Beryl doesn’t support 802.1x EAP wireless for repeater connections (client mode). How is this an upgrade from Slate when it is lacking such an important feature?

Can someone clarify this for me?

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Beryl is much stronger in performance and wifi.

But it does not have 802.1x EAP.