Confused new user!?

New owner of the MT300A and a iNet6416. With both, I setup tethering a repeater, change the SSID and set up a new password. I find that once I switch the units off (by unplugging the power cable), the next time I power the units up some time later, I cannot see the SSID and I end up having to reset the units and setting everything up again.

Is this working as expected or am I doing something wrong that causes it not to keep the settings?


Edit: Apologies - This happens in Repeater mode and not Tethering


I’ve found the exact same thing as well. I received my MR300A yesterday and nearly every time I try to use it I need to hold the reset button and do a factory reset for it to work again. Good to know it’s not just me!


Edit: Just found this thread: 404 Page not found - GL.iNet

Hi @clancoma and @LostDog, we know there is a problem of setting up repeater, but not tethering. When setting up tethering using modem or smartphone, WiFi should not be affected.

For the repeater, we have a solution and will release it soon.

Can you tell me more about your use case?

Hi Alzhao,


In my case it’s when using it in WISP mode. From a factory reset I set it up to connect to a wifi access point and then provide a new wifi access point for my laptop and phone. If I power it off and back on wifi no longer works (I cannot see my access point from my devices).

@LostDog, now when using WISP, when it cannot connect to the hotspot its own AP will be down so you cannnot see it. We solved this issue and will put it in the new firmware. I hope I can release it for testing next week.

Please try firmware v2.21, which solves repeater connection issue.