Connect Mudi and Beryl

I have a problem.
I have 2 devices:
GL-MT1300 / Beryl and GL-E750 / Mudi.
I need to implement this scheme: Mudi with sim-card makes wi-fi with TOR
Then the second device: Beryl should connect to this WIFI and create a new one WIFI with TOR.
But for some reason Beryl after connecting to Mudi’s wifi - not working (no internet)…
Please help me.

You want double Tor?

Does Mudi connect to Tor succesfully?

One thing: you need to change IP address of either one from to others e.g.

Yes. I need double TOR (tor on each device).
Mudi connect to TOR perfect.
But then Beryl connects (via WIFI) to Mudi - no internet on Beryl…
I have already changed IP address of Beryl to… but it not helps.
I have tried to connect Beryl to another WIFI (not mudi, without tor) - Beryl works great.
But something problem then I’m trying to connect to the MUDI wifi with tor.
Also in Beryl i have a problem - i cant change Timezone. It always shows 6 sep 2020. But in my system set up another time…

Maybe double Tor does not work.

I will check the timezone problem.

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Same time zone problem as my thread is there a soulution.
I read another time zone withe the presisitant SSID I have the same issue with your products