Connect the main and the mini-router networks?


GL-MT300A (256MB RAM) well received. It works perfectly!

I researched on the internet but unfortunately I can not find my solution. Maybe one of your users can help me.

My main reason to use is to use a VPN on an Apple TV. To do this here is my setup:

  • Modem in bridge
    -> Apple Airport Time Capsule main router (PPPoE connection) 192.168.1. * - Subnet mask
    L–> GL-MT300A DHCP connected by ethernet on airport main router (IP reserved by Airport) - Subnet mask
    L-----> Apple TV with 192.168.8. * (IP given by GL-MT300A) - Subnet mask

L–> Others devices with reserved IP 192.168.1. * distributed by Apple Airport.


I wish I could have connected these 2 locals networks in for my devices see my Apple TV.

For information Airport Apple does not allow the subnet mask of the change. I wanted to change it into but it is not possible

Do you know what settings I have to give the GL-MT300A ? Can I force its Lan IP to 192.168.1.* ?

Thank you in advance for your help :wink:

You can configure MT300A to use the same subnet of your Airport, use its DHCP etc.

Can you tell me why you are using MT300A as a 2nd wifi? Some people want to use OpenVPN on MT300A so they cannot use bridge mode.

Thank you for your prompt response !
No I do not use MT300A as a second wifi … it is only connected via ethernet (on Apple Airport main router) to use OpenVPN only for the Apple TV. My other devices do not need to be on the vpn.

OpenVPN on MT300A works fine, all I just want is that the other devices on the network 192.168.1.* see the Apple TV IP address was given by the MT300A…

(Sorry for my english, I hope it is more clear…:wink:

If you are not using MT300A as wifi, you can turn the wifi off.

Your apple TV connect to MT300A and use its OpenVPN. It means the TV connects to a network in other place, which is isolated with your own network.

In such a settings, you cannot let other devices see your Apple TV.


I may have a temporal solution for you. You can try to route your Apple TV to openvpn or to your local network using the hardware switch on it, but you cannot connect to them at the same time. Need to work out some script any way.

Thank you very much.

I think I’ll have to rearrange my entire network to all devices are visible.
I read that a subnet mask allows networks to be connected …

Thank you again for having sought a solution …