Connect to VPN device from outside

Hey there,

I think I have a wall in my head and I did not find the solution

I have a office (Point A) and Home (Point B) Router
Point A have a double NAT and I have no chance to connect from outside
Point B Had a static IP Adress with Tailscale on it
Device A Is a Unraid Server with Tailscale IP → Port 5678

Now my problem is, I want to connect to the Device A from outside over my static IP Adress from Point B but I didn’t receive a ping from outside

When I use the CLI from Point B and Ping Device A I have a ping
I think the routes are wrong or not there

Anyone have an idea how can I realize that ?

What is the outside device? What operating system?

Lets name the outside device C
You should add a route to C firstly via dev xxx

Then add forwarding rules for wan to tailscale in Point B.

Another easier way is to install tailscale in C and add it to the tailscale group of A and B.

I have done It with a small VPS and NGINX. It was easier and a bit faster :smiley:

Thanks so much for your answer :smile: