Connecting Gl.Inet ar300m to cisco AP


How can i connect Gl .inet ar300m to my Cisco ap which is already setup. I have a cisco ap with three free ports AUX, COnsole and USB.


What do you want the GL-AR300M to do in connecting to the Cisco AP? Is the Cisco AP’s main Ethernet port (PoE?) already connected to and working with another router to access the Internet?

The Console and USB ports are probably not useful to connect to the GL-AR300M. The Aux is probably an Ethernet port that can daisy-chain the LAN to the GL-AR300M or another network device.

Thanks for reply. Yes POE is connected already. I want to use Gl.inet to convert WPA enterprise WiFi to WPA personal network as My tv and printer doesn’t connect to university provided Wifi.

I will try aux - lan connection