Connecting two GL-MT300N-V2 with a wire to extend wifi

I’m curious about something. My brother just got a T-Mobile high-speed home internet device setup in his home this evening, and I’m trying to figure out how to beam a wifi signal across the street to my house. My plan at the moment is to repurpose an old satellite dish (or two, since we have three of them available) to make a high-gain antenna using a Mango router. My plan is to install one GL-MT300N into a weather-tight housing on the dish, then run an ethernet cable from it into the house and connect it to my current MT300N in my computer room. The setup would then be for the first one (on the dish) to be in wifi repeater mode and collecting the signal from my brother’s router/gateway. The second one (the Mango inside the house) would then receive the internet signal via the ethernet cable and rebroadcast it on it’s own wifi network.

If needed, I can do the same at his house with another dish and MT300N, wired directly to his gateway using an ethernet cable to beam the signal over to me.

My question is this: is what I’m talking about possible using the MT300N? Can I set it up to receive a wifi signal and then transmit that via ethernet to another router, and that router broadcast another wifi network for me to use?

There is nothing wrong with this method, but you need to make sure that the high gain antenna of the first device does work, otherwise your network speed may be very slow. There is also the need to pay attention to prevent the second device lan port and wan port ip conflict