Connection stability on GL-MT3000

I actually tested 40Mhz vs 80Mhz and nothing changes unfortunately, still on heavy downloads/uploads or during video streaming (not only video calls but also local streaming, like sunshine<->moonlight) have those issues

I think my observation about 40/80Mhz channel is red herring and isn’t that significantly impacting stability for me. What I did notice though is that my wan connection / eth0 is randomly bouncing when doing heavy upload/download (didn’t have a chance to see the log during the video calls). That is causing wan connection to become down for around 5 seconds.
That above issue appears to be due to Beryl box incapable to agree about flow control/data speed with its upstream router. GL.Inet’s wan port is 2.5Gbps, the upstream router’s port is 1Gbps. I flipped eth0<->eth1 so that eth1 became wan now (eth1 is 1Gbps) and eth0 is LAN (wired lan not used anyway) and the connection is stable for the last 5 days.
I seen there couple of threads on this forum how to hack it, but in short there are few options:

  1. Disable flow control, lock port to 1Gbps speed and disable speed autonegotiation on upstream router (not sure if in GL.Inet too, but you can find these threads)
  2. or, Flip eth0<->eth1 (wan<->lan ports) via Advanced menu (via native Luci). There is also a thread somewhere how to accomplish that.
  3. or, as I did, via ssh and amending uci config manually. Simply modify network package and switch to flip interfaces around. Configs are under /etc/config dir, just do recursive grep for “eth0” and “eth1” to find theirs occurrences, modify configs and reboot. Plug the wan cable to eth1 and enjoy.

Btw for people who’s upstream router’s port is operating at 10Gbps - GL.inet eth0 is working stable. So it seems it is unable to work stable with adjacent ports which are slower than 2.5Gbps.

P.S. For support team - that still an issue and I know lots of people are complaining on the forum about this so ideally if that is fixed instead of modifying configs (and technically using the box without eth0 port until that is fixed)

I asked product manager to follow. Will get some firmware update asap.

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But I’d keep this thread to WLAN issues though, honestly I don’t have now WAN issues, or at least if I have - those WLAN issues are much more irritating.

I mean when I connect with cable though LAN port it works quite well, I don’t have those issues with video calls and streaming

Hi, using samba transfer i face the same problem in 5Ghz , using low power, 160Mhz, channel 56.

kern.warn kernel: [291961.816421] Unknown case of dp, iif=80 → rax0

OpenWrt 21.02-SNAPSHOT r15812+879-46b6ee7ffc

Hi,Can you please try our latest firmware verification to fix this issue? MT3000 Beryl AX Open Source firmware - Technical Support for Routers - GL.iNet (

Hey @Dipin , should I do something extra to pull this firmware?

When I come to interface of the router it says it’s on the latest firmware

Should I just pull the bin filr from your link and do local upgrade?

Please select the Local Upgrade page,and then you can upgrade this new firmware.

Thanks! Soooo, seems like it helps (partially) :tada:

I still have some “slowdowns”, but they don’t generate kernel logs or errors, and they are really rare, like once in 5-10minutes when I’m on a call.


So it’s much (!!!) better, but still some minor issues, but I’m not sure how to debug those, and are they related to HW or it’s some sort of interference :thinking:

Bad news though, after upgrade my LG TV is not able to connect to 5Ghz wifi, is there a clear way to revert? When I tried to upload firmware from UI again - it fails verifications

Try to download the old fw again.

I was not smart enough to do a backup of my settings before flashing experimental FW :cry: so I did backup on new FW, then flashed old FW through uboot, because it was still failing through UI, and applied backup from new FW to old FW. This went through, but renderred WiFi unusable with some random error (like “no network available” or something like that). So found some old backup and ported part of the config from new backup to old backup :exploding_head:

So headsup for anyone trying this - backup your settings BEFORE flashing :joy:

So now seems like I’m back on old FW, and my LGTV now connects flawlessly.

What could the issue? There were nothing in logs of the device, and I can’t really access logs on TV. Is there any way to debug this?

cc @Dipin

Hi @resetko Maybe it’s a incompatibility issue. once to debug it. We need to know the model of the LG TV. And if possible , some log when LG TV conectting to new firmware will help.

I’m experiencing the same symptoms. ( the last signal before disconnecting "Unknown case of dp, iif=80 → rax0 , screenshot file : ).
If the signal is only slightly weakened (for example, there is a wall between the router and the cell phone)
And I think it happens more often if you make the SSID names of 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz the same
After installing the experimental firmware, check if the symptoms continue to occur.

Hey, the model of TV is LG E9.

Unfortunately I don’t have any information how to debug wifi connection issues on TV’s side, so if you know how to do that - I’d be happy to try :pray:

From the router side - I’ve checked the logs - nothing suspicious in the error/kernel log at thetime of connecting through TV.

Also I suspect I had issues connecting with my ESP32 sensor to 2.4G wifi on this FW, but this is I’m not sure TBH

Are you using WPA3 for connecting the ESP32?

I don’t think so, but to be honest - I don’t know, I’m using ESPHome, and it’s standard configuration. My devices are wroom32.

Use WPA2 only, I had problem connecting my ESP32 with WPA3

I think it was already WPA2, not 3

Hey @alex_zheng @alzhao , any updates on the new firmware, or suggestions. I’m really getting depressed by this bug :frowning:

I like the product, but I’d like it to work as expected :frowning: