Connection stability on GL-MT3000

Try to download the old fw again.

I was not smart enough to do a backup of my settings before flashing experimental FW :cry: so I did backup on new FW, then flashed old FW through uboot, because it was still failing through UI, and applied backup from new FW to old FW. This went through, but renderred WiFi unusable with some random error (like “no network available” or something like that). So found some old backup and ported part of the config from new backup to old backup :exploding_head:

So headsup for anyone trying this - backup your settings BEFORE flashing :joy:

So now seems like I’m back on old FW, and my LGTV now connects flawlessly.

What could the issue? There were nothing in logs of the device, and I can’t really access logs on TV. Is there any way to debug this?

cc @Dipin

Hi @resetko Maybe it’s a incompatibility issue. once to debug it. We need to know the model of the LG TV. And if possible , some log when LG TV conectting to new firmware will help.

I’m experiencing the same symptoms. ( the last signal before disconnecting "Unknown case of dp, iif=80 → rax0 , screenshot file : ).
If the signal is only slightly weakened (for example, there is a wall between the router and the cell phone)
And I think it happens more often if you make the SSID names of 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz the same
After installing the experimental firmware, check if the symptoms continue to occur.

Hey, the model of TV is LG E9.

Unfortunately I don’t have any information how to debug wifi connection issues on TV’s side, so if you know how to do that - I’d be happy to try :pray:

From the router side - I’ve checked the logs - nothing suspicious in the error/kernel log at thetime of connecting through TV.

Also I suspect I had issues connecting with my ESP32 sensor to 2.4G wifi on this FW, but this is I’m not sure TBH

Are you using WPA3 for connecting the ESP32?

I don’t think so, but to be honest - I don’t know, I’m using ESPHome, and it’s standard configuration. My devices are wroom32.

Use WPA2 only, I had problem connecting my ESP32 with WPA3

I think it was already WPA2, not 3

Hey @alex_zheng @alzhao , any updates on the new firmware, or suggestions. I’m really getting depressed by this bug :frowning:

I like the product, but I’d like it to work as expected :frowning:

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@resetko Sorry for the late feedback. I messaged you.

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