Connnect my lan to my internal network

Hello I am new here and would like to know if its possible on my AR 750s-ext to have my lan ip pull from my dhcp router


Do you want to set up as brdige?

Go the the rotuer’s admin panel->more settings->network mode and choose
AP: Wired bridge
Extender: Wireless bridge

Or do you want to use AR750s as Gateway but use a different DHCP server? In that case you can use firmware 4.x which you have such a settings.

so i upgraded the router to the latest firmware and i see the option of default gateway, so i got the ar750 because i want to use the vpn however i want my comcast dhcp to hand out the ip address on the ar750 if that makes sense.
my current settings are using dhcp to connect to my comcast dhcp server and get an address from comcast
with the lan address

Does it work with external dhcp server and vpn now?

No external (comcast) dhcp but vpn always works just not external (comcast) dhcp

If you want all your internal devices to go out via the VPN, the the AR-750 will have be your DHCP server.

That will need you to put the Comcast router (I’m guessing a combo unit, otherwise you could just leave the router out) into bridge mode, so it just acts like the cable modem and “ignores” the router part, so the AR-750 will pull your external IP from Comcast on the WAN side.

There are only 2 devices apple tv 4k that need the vpn since apple does not support vpn software, the rest of my devices firestick fire tv cube computers all use the surf shark app and the current set up works fine i was just trying to integrate the router into my internal network, but your help and time have been invaluable thanks for all your help