Controlling lan LED from shell

With the image generated by Gl-Inet Image Builder I’m able to control brightness of wan and wlan, however that doesn’t seem to work for lan LED.

The trigger is set to none, however when I toggle brightness to 0, the LED doesn’t dim, it stays on.

How can I control the lan LED from shell?

which model?

Oh, sorry, MT300N!


So is it possible to control the LAN led on MT300N?

yes, of curse.

ls /sys/class/leds/

You will find the led, then use “echo 0|1 > /sys/…” to control it.

Right, I’ve tried that before posting and “echo 0 > /sys/class/leds/gl-mt300n:lan/brightness” does absolutely nothing. Unlike WAN and WLAN leds, LAN led doesn’t seem to be affected by that at all!

i need to check. But I am on vacation and need to do it later

Can you give me a rough idea when you’ll be able to check it?

Thanks and I hope you enjoy your vacation despite having to reply on this forum. :wink:

I will return to work next Wednesday

Any update?

right, this LED cannot be controlled. Need to check if it is hardened.