Core Board only - can you use the USB to connect to USB-FlashDisk?

If you use only the Core Board,
and Power it by alternate pins instead of USB.
Can you then use it as a Standalone Core Board
while using the USB port as a Slave for a USB FlashDisk ?

The USB does have a Slave mode.

But we never can make it really works. And Atheros never publish docs about this.

I’m not sure what you’re asking here. Are you asking whether you can connect the Core to a PC as a USB slave (Emulating a storage device?), or are you wanting to connect a USB flash drive to the Core? I’ve already connected a USB drive to my Core with the bare PCB/Di board after soldering the Core and 3.3V regulator onto it, so it’s not hard.

Now I think @jlsilicon means to connect USB devices to the Core.

@lbattraw, can you share your experience with @jlsilicon here:

He had a problem of working the the Di board with USB drive.

yes, thanks.

  • Trying to connect a Usb Flashdrive.

Okay Solved !
Tried UsbDrive on 2nd CORE Board - successful.
Maybe bad connection or dirt on 1st CORE Board.

Now I have working GCC Domino on a SdCard on/for the Domino CORE.
Thanks for the help !