Could use a little help setting up my X3000

I have been asking all over (aside from here) for assistance in settting this up.
I have A tmobile busniess plan im trying to setup on this x3000 Spitz i got.
someone said the MTU should be 1420, is this correct? I know my apn is and TTL 64 im unsure of what protocol and port i should be using. What are the ports, is that like each sim tray? like dun sim 1 and QmI0 sim two? What should it be if im doing a IMEI AT command?
I apologize for the despiration, but i guess thats about where im at. Screenshots in the links
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Thank you Again.

I am also on T-Mobile business plan, I am currently running fine, my apn is, you need to change the ttl to 66

what about the mtu and what are the ports? What port should i be selecting when issueing the At imei command?

Everything else is the default setting and has not been changed.

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Do you happen to know what those ports (DUN & QMI0) are referring to?

Don’t touche the ports, AT command etc.

Just try set up the correct APN first and try.

For you business plan, do you need to use this sim on a perticular device or it is unlocked?

@jorvik I’d like to get a little more insight from you if I can about setting the TTL to 66. I’ve been told to set mine to 65 but I’ve been getting some Hotspot data usage.
I also have business account at $25/mo with unlimited data and 100GB hotspot. Just got a warning about using 80% of HS Data.
Please let me know why you set TTL to 66. Trying to follow the logic here and it seems like 66 is too high. Is this how a TMo Home Internet router is configured?

I have my ttl set to 65 and never get any hotspot data usage. Once you set the ttl manually, save the apn configuration and make sure you set the sim to use the newly saved configuration or it will revert back to the default if it reboots.

I’m sorry to be so ignorant but can you please explain what you mean by save the app configuration manually as well as setting the sim? How do I do both of those functions. I’ve only had this router for a few weeks and am still trying to figure it all out.

EDIT: I think that was my issue. I had a profile saved but it did not have the TTL settings, therefore, it did not survive a reboot. I deleted the profile after saving a new one with the correct settings. Then I verified the Settings Used by SIM. I believe that this is what you were referring to. I will run with this new profile and see what happens to the HS Data. Thank you for your help!

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T-Mobile usually ttl is 66, I set ttl to 66, and then the other are the default, did not make changes, the current use is normal, if you still can not, it is recommended to open the WireGuard vpn, use Warp to produce a vpn file, and then open the vpn globally. this should not have to modify the ttl also can be