Create a guest wlan

I sharing internet via WAN from a commercial router and for security reasons I create my own separated wlan

SSID is hidden because I connect all my devices with enabled sharing files

this is uncomfortable when friends come to visit, so is it possible to create a guest wlan (with password), with no security rights?

I have GL-AR300M

Yes it is possible. But this includes a lot of manual work.

You can go to Advanced settings (luci) and try.

First need to go to network->interfaces and create guest-lan interface. You need static IP address e.g. which should be different from the lan (

Then you need to go network -> wireless and create a 2nd AP interface and bind to your guest-lan.

Then you need to go network -> dhcp&dns and create guest-lan and bind to guest-lan interface for DHCP allocation.

Finally, you need to modify network->firewall and add your guest-lan to “lan” zone or create a new guest-lan zone.

Now your guest network is in a different zone as your own devices.

If you don’t mind your guests use the same network as your own network, then you can just create an AP interface in network->wireless and bind it to lan