Is it possible to create a EAP SSID on the Beryl AX or Slate Plus/Slate AX? For example, by editing the file /etc/config/wireless to include the eap configuration?

There’s a radius server among the installable packages (On Slate AX, which explicitly supports EAP – at least as a client), so I guess the answer is “try it, find out, and report back.” :wink:

Update - for anyone else attempting that in the future. I edited the /etc/config/wireless file to include the eap settings as detailed here [OpenWrt Wiki] Wi-Fi /etc/config/wireless

This works fine on the Slate Plus (i assume this will also work with the slate ax that has EAP support) but does not work on the Beryl AX. I was also able to create multiple SSIDs on the slate plus with psk security. It doesn’t work with luci as this is not compatiable as I saw on another post.

One thing that is strange, is that the EAP-TLS authentication only works with iOS devices. MSCHAPv2 works fine on windows and android, even with server certificate validation.

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