Create VPN and Non VPN connection - GL-X750V2


I have a Spitz GL-X750V2 and created a VPN connection successfully via an OpenVPN client file.

Now I would like to know how can I create a non VPN connection with the Spitz GL-X750V2 when logged into the GL-iNet admin panel.

So the scenario is to have 2 options available.

  1. Connect to GL-X750V2 with VPN (This is ok and have setup)
  2. Connect to GL-X750V2 without VPN (How do I do this??)

Hope that I have explained the scenario well and that someone is able to provide a clear and easy answer for me to create a non vpn connection.

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You could set up the guest WiFi and under “VPN Policies” set “Use VPN for guest network” off. It’s more like a hack though.

You can use vpn policies to use with or without vpn for some devices or web site.

A lot pc/phones now use randomly generated mac addresses which change after certain time or each time they connect to the AP, and if devices have their own Encrypted DNS set up, will that filter still work for website filtering?

Iphone use private Mac address (randomly generated). If you do not turn private mac address off then turn it on, it will not change.

If phone/pc change mac randomly, maybe you should use white list so that when they change, they do not have Internet.

For encrypted DNS vpn policy may not work either.

Another way is to use vlan based policy which we don’t have now.

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Like others said, the easiest way is with the VPN Policy setting in the admin panel. Choose either “Use VPN only for…” or “Don’t use VPN for…” and then add which clients you want it to apply to.

If some device has a changing MAC address then apply the setting to the device with a stable MAC to use or to not use VPN and the others with be the opposite.

Thank you everyone for your informative replies. From your feedback I set up my main Wifi conection with VPN and then set up the Guest Wifi and selected No for VPN. Now I simply choose my Main Wifi connection, or my Guest WiFi connection when choosing to use VPN or not which is now both preset.

And here are both my Wifi connections enabled (Main preset with VPN and Guest preset with no VPN)

The problems with your approach is that it won’t work for wired devices connected via LAN nor would it be possible for devices connected to the guest network to be able to talk to each other.

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It works for what I need.