Creta extend/bridge/repeater

I have ethernet only security cameras and my wifi modem (E5577) has no ethernet port. I need to create an ethernet access point.

I have Creta and would like to connect to my wifi modem via wi fi to then be able to connect my ethernet only security cameras to ethernet port on Creta.

Wifi modem-> Creta-> security camera
(No ethernet port) (ethernet cable)

Im thinking i need to set up creta to connect to my wifi then change the details of creta to same as my wifi so the cameras think its connected to my wifi modem via ethernet cable…? First time set up and I am unsure on what to do.

You can connect Create to your Modem using Repeater. Then, after connecting the camera to Creta using a Ethernet cable, turn on DMZ on Creta and select the LAN IP of your camera.
The client connected to your Modem will then be able to access your camera via the WAN IP of the Creta.

Thank you for your response. Are you able to send me step by step instructions on how to do this as i can’t seem to get it to work

I don’t know how to provide more detailed instructions than the documentation. What step are you blocked on?

  1. Repeater
  2. Connecting the Ethernet cable
  3. DMZ

Repeater set up and the DMZ part of the set up

Plesea watch:
How to Use GL.iNet Routers to Repeat a Wi-Fi Signal? - YouTube

Maybe just set up extender mode in Creta.

Go to the admin panel, more settings->network mode and choose extender mode.
Then find your wifi in the list and connect to it.

After that, connect your camera to Creta’s LAN port and it should get IP from your main router.