Custom Firmware - Can Pay!

I have two GL-AR300M16 routers that I wish to make some changes to, I am happy to pay if you can do this for me.


Option 1)

I want to install fakeinternet in my routers? I followed the instructions at Welcome to! | stangri’s OpenWrt Packages Documentation. but when using the command:

opkg install fakeinternet luci-app-fakeinternet

I get the following error:

Unknown package ‘fakeinternet’.
Unknown package ‘luci-app-fakeinternet’.

Option 2)

Can the switch on the side of the router be configured to toggle the network mode?

Left = Router
Right = Extender of first router

I don’t see a point to it personally but I’d start w/ adding their repos aka ‘openwrt feeds’ to your device per the approp. section in stangri’s OpenWrt Packages Documentation | Welcome to!

Don’t forget to opkg update before attempting to install fr those new repos.

If you’re looking to extend/repeat, you should know that sole 300Mbps (2.4GHz) radio is going to be cut in half, right off the top, to connect back to the ‘base station’ ap. You’ll have 150 Mbps for clients as a theoretical/best case scenario. In real world usage that performance hit is probably going to be quite noticeable to anyone connected to the Shadow as I don’t see MIMO/MU-MIMO being supported.

I currently have an unused Certa which has the core specs of your Shadow & a Slate AX for another node. What are you looking to do, specifically?

Re: toggle
IDK; that’s more device specific related & I don’t have access to a Shadow. I could try using the Certa but I can’t guarantee if it’ll translate to a Shadow.

Follow-up: the docs for the mini-routers would seem to indicate that is already supported.

Thanks for the reply, but I am looking to hire someone to do this for me.


… to do what, specifically? Surely not to just get fakeinternet && luci-app-fakeinternet onto one of your Shadows. That’s a trivial enough task.

Then you have another task re: changing the physical switch functions. That strikes me as more difficult. No one is buying Shadows when there’s a whole new class of GL gear now on the market. I doubt many w/ the skills to do your request is going to bother w/ such dated tech… even if they happen to have one kicking around.

I’m asking what is your overall goal.

I’m sorry, I’m must have missed the post that says all requests to hire someone must be vetted by you?

Is it a requirement of this forum that everyone be as knowledgeable as you, did you consider that I don’t have the same knowledge as you to complete this trivial task, clearly I can’t be that clever because I purchased the dated tech in the first place.

I don’t need for you to come here and belittle me because I asked for help.

If you genuinely want to help then let’s have a chat in private, if your only internet is to mock me in public then please move on to somewhere else.

I’m posting this from a laptop built ten years go. It is also my primary workstation. Dated tech doesn’t mean obsolete.

Nope; I’m not going further with this. Good luck.