Custom X750 Firmware V3.100 Custom Firewall Config

I currently sell X750 modems running firmware 3.100. I have to manually configure each modem before giving it to a customer and it adds a lot of time. Additionally, if a customer resets the modem, I have to reconfigure it. Could someone compile a custom firmware for me?

I’m needing the following code inserted in the custom firewall: iptables -t mangle -I POSTROUTING -o wwan0 -j TTL --ttl-set 64

I would also like Remote Management to be enabled by default.

Additionally, when I set the modem up with a Verizon or AT&T SIM, sometimes the default APN is not correct. If a Verizon SIM is inserted, I would like the APN to be “VZWINTERNET”. If an AT&T SIM is inserted, I would like the APN to be “NXTGENPHONE”. (I also use T-Mobile SIMs, but the modem always connects to the correct APN: Is there a way to make the modem only use these three APNs unless another is manually entered?

I would gladly pay someone to help me compile this firmware. I’ve sold over 70 X750 modems and plan on selling many more. This would help me speed up the process and sell more units.


Hi Lane,

Can you pm me your info and we could help to do something?