Customizing Admin Panel

Is there a way to add an menu item on the left hand side menu? I like to add an item such as “My App” to point to an URL like “

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If you are familiar with JavaScript, you can write <script> to append to the /www/gl_home.html page.

This is a reference, on our Chinese forum

Thanks. It works great. Now if I’m going to write a shell script to patch the /www/gl_home.html, how do I determine the version of the official Admin panel so I can apply the correct patch?

You can send http request by curl.

curl -k -d "{\"jsonrpc\":\"2.0\",\"method\":\"call\",\"params\":[\"\",\"ui\",\"check_initialized\",{}],\"id\":1}"

The result.firmware_version is the version in The Response.

This is perfect. Thanks.