Data usage cap?

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I recently moved from a Netgear Nighthawk MR1100 to a Spitz AX 3000, and so far am liking the updated UI quite a bit.

I am wondering, though, if there is a way to track the data usage for the month? Being able to select the start/roll-over date, as well as the amount of the data plan (50 GB, 100GB, etc.) would be awesome. I’m not finding anything in the UI so far… and only a few posts touching on this topic from a couple years ago where the staff basically said, “Yup, that’d be a good feature to have!” :wink:

Is it already there in the web UI and I’m just not seeing it? If not, is it ‘close’ or coming soon, or even being worked on?


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I guess what you want is to limit the monthly traffic on the SIM card to avoid paying for excess traffic?
The only reason we didn’t add it is because the data is inaccurate and too far off. cellular cards have traffic statistics and you can compare the difference between it and the carrier’s traffic statistics.

I don’t know about limit, per se… but give an idea of what the data usage is to date on one SIM or the other so you can either ease up, or go pay for some more before you hit the cap. The Netgear Nighthawk MR1100 hotspot had this feature years ago, and I got kind of used to having it. Kind of surprised that a newer / more full-featured UI like the OpenWRT-based dashboard on the GL.inet routers doesn’t have this.

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I’m really missing this feature too. I hear what you’re saying about data being inaccurate and too far off, but my experience with the Nighthawk M1 is that the control panel always showed that data ran out almost exactly when that SIM card stopped working due to having used all the data in that plan. If Netgear can do it I’m not sure what’s stopping GL.iNet.

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