DCHP server remains on network after removal of Router

I have an AR300 and was setting it up on my network for later use. Connected via wireless and also connected via Wan and then Lan port so that I could use my desktop computer rather than a tablet. All went well, added vpn configs etc. Setup as a repeater, WISP mode , added my wireless SSID’s, checked that all was running, then removed from network

Now I have a “rogue” DCHPv4 server device on the network which hands out addresses in the 192.68.30.x range. This overrides my network DCHP server. Scanning the forum I saw a previous post in September/October 17 by oli-hall about an issue which is similar relating to DHCPv6 and there was allegedly script for a configuration file modifying the “switch_mode” script. I ssh’ed into my unit and noted that this has not been incorporated into my firmware which is 2.27.
I registered on this forum to download this script but could not find it at all . The gist of it was described was in a post called “bug report …/2359/3” by oli-hall

Two issues now

  1. How can do to remove the rogue dchp server

  2. What can I do to “update” my ARM300 to remove itself completely upon removal to stop this happening again when I add the unit to my network (or in fact any network) again. I assume the script if incorporated into my AR300 “config” will solve the issue?

Help please

There is one thing I don’t understand.

AR300M is removed from your network, so it should not have anything to do with the DHCP server.

Can you reboot your main router and your PC and check again?

Did that about 5 or six times

A ip address of is sitting there acting as a DCHP server. The 192.168.8.xx is empty

The only thing I can think of next is to completely shut down my network and then reboot everything to see if it is removed. But the issue is when I reattach the AR300 will the "rogue ip address return

For me it is like a ghost.

Sorry for resurrecting this thread but I have re-posted the updated script in the original thread in case you still need it.