DD-WRT for GL.iNet router like GL-AR300M or GL-AR750?

Its looks like DDWRT is available for follow GL routers:

All this single BIOS routers are use the same Atheros AR9331 CPU. Depend on this, it can be the follow router will accept the same Atheros AR9331 cpu releated DDWRT firmware:

Ok, now the question. Which DDWRT firmware can be used for follow single BIOS router which use the Qualcomm Atheros QCA9531 (650 MHz) CPU:

The Qualcomm Atheros QCA9531 (650 MHz) CPU is used also by follow router:

See also:

The new v3 firmware that is being worked on has cloudflare DNS over TLS.

Support of DNS over TLS is a good step in the right direction:

  • I have seen it is offered for actual only pre order router GL-AR750s (not available on Amazon, Ebay, gl-inet.com aso.)
  • yesterday i checked the Firmware for one of my GL-AR300M. I did`nt see a available new Firmware. Does it give a download link for new Firmware version ?

The firmware is not ready, it is only being tested at the moment.
It will be available for all routers, but at first the AR750s.

The timeline seems like so:
OpenWRT will release their 18.06 stable 31st of July.
GL will release the firmware for the AR750s shortly after, maybe the same week, and ship first orders the same week.
After that, the firmwares for the other routers will start to be released.

So there is no 100% timeline when the AR750 or AR300M will get it, but it will be in the next weeks hopefully.

Their latest product is getting the highest priority at the moment, but will trickle down to the others too.

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The AR750s is currently only available here:

And it is a preorder, will ship in late august if you order it now.

THX for the information. Thats good to hear GL.inet router will secure DNS and it can be the NTP will secured in future a little bit too.

Back to the question. They are a knoown compatible DD-WRT Firmware for follow router:

  • GL-AR300M
  • GL-AR750

Pe, if the follow router use the same hardware like GL-inet router, it should be possible to use the DD-WRT firmware for equal GL-inet Router ?:

Well this forum is only for the official GL-iNet firmware and some basic support if you compile OpenWRT from source.
If you want to ask about DD-WRT, best go to their forum here:


Now I have found a new discussion about DD-RT firmware for single BIOS GL-iNet routers on DD-WRT forum:


  • Relevant source for Tomato firmware for AR9331 and QCA9531 based single BIOS GL-iNet router wanted.

Now I have found its looks like DDWRT area available for:

Is there any news that makes it possible to use DDWRT on more GL routers. Now that DDWRT supports a lot more gl routers with the current Open WRT version, DDWRT could work on more GL routers with a current DDWRT version.

On openwrt.org are already available the 19.07.4 at minimum for p.e. follow mainstream router:

Who found something new there ?

Dear gl team,

its looks the firmware support of gl router gl-ar300 router by DD-WRT can be improved by donate a gl-ar300 router to dd-wrt.com . See the follow link:

Lets improve the firmware support.

The share holder and customer will like it.

For support of gl-inet router by open-wrt see:

Interesting. I sent several routers to ddwrt years ago. They said they received but I never get updated.

Should we send to them to add support?

It can be it will a good idea for gl customer and gl shareholder to add dd-wrt support for gl main router, which already near perfect supported by open-wrt. See follow link:

It can be it will be a good way to ask, what dd-wrt.com like to get for initial support for gl mainstrem router like:

  • ar-300
  • ar-750
  • ar750s

It can be if you mean after 2 years, thats increase sales, you can ask for update of firmware once a year.

For contact dd-wrt you can read the follow:

Thats just my 2 cents

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It can be, Tomato will be a good alternate for additional gl firmware support too.

The shareholder and customer will like it.

As Alfie wrote, GL has sent routers to different projects for integration, but it’s not interesting for GL if the products are not integrated afterwards. There are also very few people using other firmwares, so little incentive to do it. GL can’t offer support for other firmwares either, it will be confusing for users when they come here and ask questions about DDWRT, when this forum is only for official support for the hardware and the GL firmware (technically even vanilla OpenWRT is not supported, as it is untested and might have issues without the GL fixes and testing).