DDNS not working on GL-AX1800 V4 when using VPN client

Hi, I have a problem where DDNS stops working when using VPN client, I have an scenario where I need to have vpn client and server running at the same time, if I run only the server I have no problems connecting however as soon as I start the client my public ip is not visible anymore and it is replaced with the VPN server ip address I am connecting to, In global options I have enabled the option where it says services from Gl.inet doesn’t use VPN but it seems not to make any diference.

Do you use GL DDNS service?

I just tested the same and the DDNS refer to the router’s ISP IP, not the vpn IP.

In case you are using and old v4, here is one from June 27 Dropbox - openwrt-ipq807x-glinet_ax1800-squashfs-sysupgrade.tar - Simplify your life