DDNS not working

I’m using the GL-A1300 state plus on firmware version: 4.5.0, connected to my ISP modem, port forward 80:80, 443,443 enabled, but the WAN IP in the DDNS test still gives me local ip.
If I nslookup or dig, I can see the DDNS is actually resolving my real ipv4, in global options, the use vpn for Gl.inet services is disabled, I don’t know what else I could do to troubleshoot this.

Because the DDNS is using the IP of the local interface (the one connected to your ISP modem) for registration. You can correct that behavior though by manually using the registration command along with the correct IP.

I don’t have a Static ip tho, what you’re saying can’t work with Dynamic one

I am not saying static. You can use the public IP of the isp router to register on gl ddns. So when you do dig it will resolve to your correct IP.

I still can’t understand what you’re saying, it does resolve and get me my IPV4 using dig. The issue is that it won’t change the wan ip to my IPV4 even with port forward in the DDNS test.
Also registration command? Could you link docs to it?

I can’t really understand you.

Can you access your GL device from the Internet when DDNS is enabled?
Does dig resolves to your ISP’s IP that is being forwarded to the GL device?

Use the following command to manually register your Device to any IP of your choice, ideally the one configured on your ISP router and can be reachable from the Internet:

curl --connect-timeout 4 -m 4 --location --request GET 'http://<MAC-ADDRESS WITHOUT COLONS>:<DEVICE-SN>@ddns.glddns.com/nic/update?hostname=<DEVICE-ID>&myip=<YOUR DESIRED PUBLIC IP>'

The above values in the command can be found by SSHin into the box and:

MAC-ADDRESS → /proc/gl-hw-info/device_mac
DEVICE-SN → /proc/gl-hw-info/device_sn
DEVICE-ID → /proc/gl-hw-info/device_ddns

The above command can replace the web interface, which sometimes does not handle the registration properly when GL device is connected to an upstream router.

To verify your registered IP on GL DNS SERVER:
dig @ <DEVICE-ID>.glddns.com

Or this command:
b64=$(echo -n '<MAC-ADDRESS WITHOUT COLONS>:<DEVICE-SN>'|base64) && curl --connect-timeout 4 -m 4 --location --request GET 'http://ddns.glddns.com/nic/find?hostname<DEVICE-ID>' --header 'Authorization: Basic '$b64''