DDNS Setup with Slate Plus

Looking for some help. I’m trying to setup DDNS with a custom domain via Cloudflare to be able to access storage connect to a Slate Plus. It is connected to the ISP router. If I’m not mistaken, I need to setup a port forward on the ISP router for the Slate Plus. Is this correct and is there a specific port number I should use?

For DDNS with a custom domain name, you have to subscribe to a DDNS service provider (paid or free) and install/configure an OpenWRT DDNS client package to use that service.

You also have to set up port forwarding on your ISP router to the Slate Plus for the relevant port(s). Personally, I would use VPN (OpenVPN or WireGuard to access my home network and not open any ports for direct access my file storage.

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