Delete OEM frontend?

Is there any way to just delete (or disable) the gl-inet specific gui and front-end, leaving one with the OpenWRT version that was pre-installed? Yes, I know you can upgrade to another OpenWRT firmware, but I am asking if there is any way to simply disable the proprietary parts without compiling and installing something new.

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I guess that you could put a refresh in the index.html
You will need to login with a SSH client, go to /web and edit index.html

Add the following at the top:
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=; />

** Make sure that your LAN IP is correct!

this is correct. The file name is /www/index.html
just change to @Guest’s html.

You could also only use a relative URL to bypass the difficulty of inserting the correct IP-address:
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=/cgi-bin/luci" />

OK, with this redirect, I think we can prevent a bad guy from making changes to the device using the GL-iNet gui interface (e.g. if the GL-iNet password is compromised, which I believe is still stored in cleartext on the device).

How can I prevent running any of the GL-iNet added scripts, e.g. the DDNS script, and perhaps others I am not aware of?

the newest firmware 2.13 changed all the password to encrypted sha256 hash.

You can examine /etc/init.d/ folder to make sure all the autorun script is what you need.

To make you feel more controlled, compile your own firmware.

Alzhao, I appreciate all of your help, but must say that “compile your own firmware,” comes off as rather rude and unfriendly. I don’t think that is your intention, so I give you the benefit of the doubt.

That said, if you could create a detailed video or step-by-step howto, incorporating all of the GL-iNet specific patches, I would be willing to try downloading src and compiling my own. What I will not do is spend hundreds of hours learning how to debug these specific compiling errors, and without detailed instructions, don’t expect things to go smoothly on the first 1 (or 30) tries.

If you really want people to compile their own firmware from scratch, I think you need to provide a bit more guidance. If not, your “compile your own firmware” comments will come off as snark.

@klaberte, yes, you are right. Compiling a firmware seems easy for me, but maybe very difficult for others. I just had a friend, who started from knowing nothing on openwrt and compile his firmware in two days. I will ask him to post his experience and guidances.

As he started from knowing nothing, he documented step by step and should be a help to you.

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That would help many people.

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