Demo webpages

GLi.Net mobile interface,

Would it be an idea to host a demo website to let people play with the mobile interface. (just plug in a device on the web and point something like to it’s IP)

or multiple devices? and let people play with them…

Can you describe in more detail by giving an example?

I think frietpan wants to know how the webinterface looks like on desktops and mobile devices before buying a GL iNet router. So you could put a simulation online.

In addition to that: when I visit the webinterface of my GL-AR150 on my HTC One M7 I get the mobile version of the webinterface, but while I have selected English as language I still see Chinese names at the Applications page.

I understand.

I am thinking: will this device survive long if we just release the username and password. Maybe a video or gif?


Any thing you can do to show all the screens for both the PC and mobile device would help promote the product. If IOS and android are different then this would be good to. I think that the most useful tool for you would be 3 separate PDF files, one for each interface, along with any other relevant info (setup, links, versions, etc).

This would also be good for the downloadable app, if it still is available.

As for frietpans suggestion and your concern, what about a script that resets the device to default every few hours.

RangerZ, I will make documents according to your suggestion first. Thanks!

Above are few examples from other vendors. It’s a great marketing tool for company as well where i dont need to watch countless youtube videos to learn about product features.

Yes, that’s a good thing.

As an example, here another page were you can emulate to be inside a Router Config pages.

or directly to a C7 v5 router emulate router config page.

you could probably just take an active copy of a generic webadmin panel (css, js, markup, etc…) and host it with static values replacing any dynamically loaded content? Maybe make any buttons that perform page post operations src=‘#’ or something like that? I have not yet played around with any site code so it may be more complex than that, but I think even if it was you could go down this route to achieve the desired effect.

hope this helps, I love this company and these routers!
I have 2 and enjoy digging into all the possibilities they provide. you guys (and gals) do good work.

We will put firmware demo online for our firmware 4.x. When we design it we have the mechanism to let it work online.

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