Design idea's

What if there was a CP210X (USB to UART) build in the AR150 by default?
Or another tiny and cheap chip that is already supported by the Linux kernel and has easy to install drivers for other Operating Systems.

To me it seems an easy thing to use the micro USB as ‘USB to TTL’ Though i can imagine that there can be a few snags when combined with PoE.

But having this build in by default would make it very friendly for tinkering.

AR150NT and AR150AT (T for TTL inside) :slight_smile:

That sounds cool,and it’s very good for the DIYer to customize his own software without destroy the enclosure.But for ordinary users it didn’t make any sense.
Maybe we can do a one and post it on kickstarter..

You could also leave it unpopulated on a large number of boards, and only mount components on a limited number of boards that are sold with the CP210x.

id the splder pads are large enough to be hand soldered, that in itself would be an option if there is enough space around it or on the bottom of the pcb… So that it’s easy accessable to DIY.

Yeah,maybe you are right.
Right now we don’t have enough time to do so,but i’ll keep it in mind.