Devices cannot connect to 6416 Wifi

I have a 6416 that no device can connect to its WiFi.

I have erased the device several times.
I’ve changed the firmware (GL-i’s dd-wrt, GL-i’s OpenWRT (versions 2.12, 2.19, and 2.20)

Even in default (just erased) settings no device can connect to its WiFi.

Any suggestions?

Hi, this is strange. Seems you are connecting using cable without problem.

So you can see the ssid broadcasting? When connecting to its wifi, what will happen? connection rejected? connected but no IP?

What devices are you using?

I’m using iOS, Mac OS X, and Android devices.

I can reset the 6416 to Factory Defaults (via the UI) and the devices still cannot connect— an error is reported.
I can change the Wifi and/or WiFi password. Cannot connect.

I performed three 30/30/30 resets* and can get WiFi connection
…but after about three hours nothing will connect again.



  • I have no idea why the 30/30/30 affect anything

There is no 30/30/30 reset in our routers. I am not sure how it affect the router.

Are you using repeater ?


One thing, what power adapter are you using? Generally this can be a problem of insufficient power supply.

I’m using Bull and Pisen-brand power strips with USB power—these up to 2.4–3A delivery. Only one router attached per strip so there should be up >2A available if the router asks for it.

I’ve done troubleshooting with a genuine Apple iPhone 1A adapter.


  1. I added a heatsink to this router’s radio IC. I can get devices connected and working but only for a while. After about an hour all clients are rejected.

I’m not using repeaters.
But the area is dense with RF— mostly other WiFi. I’m Using Mac OS X Wireless Diagnostics Scan tool to pick open channels.

how long has you been using this device? or you just stated to use it?

I purchased it July2015 from US site.

I’ve used it for a travel router and testing for an upcoming project.
Now the project has arrived.

This is so bad. It has been over a year. Although its life should be much longer, we cannot replace one for you. If you will, you can return to us and we will try to find our the reason. If repaired we can send back to you.