Devices connected over extender only accessible for a few minutes

I’m using a GL-AR750 solely to connect an Airport storage tower and Brother wired printer to my network. I have the GL acting as an extender, with the standard configuration from the GL interface. From the main wifi network (which the GL is ‘extending’) the Airport and printer are accessible for a few minutes after connecting them, but then they become un-findable. Why? What could be changing?

I would like to put the GL into WDS mode, as I understand this tends to work better for my purpose, but sadly this does not work with my main router (Netgear R6120)

Did you use more settings->network mode->extender to set up AR750?

When your printer cannot be found, did AR750 still connect to your main router?


Yes. Can still manually navigate to printer server via IP in a browser, for example.

I have no idea. Maybe firewall、

Thanks, I’ll have a look.

Using Mango now. Same issue, set up as extender through GL interface, it’s connected to the main router along with the two devices (but the devices aren’t showing up in normal ways on macOS). The Mango shows up twice in the Connected Devices table of the main router – why does one instance have this strange IP address? Sorry for these n00b questions.

Allowed 30:05:5C:2A:2F:69 BRN30055C2A2F69
Allowed E6:95:6E:0D:5B:40 GL-MT300N-V2
Allowed DC:A4:CA:BA:55:A5 smv-port
Allowed E6:95:6E:0D:5B:40 GL-MT300N-V2

Check this one Link-local address - Wikipedia

It means local ip, generally means a problem that the device didn’t get IP from your router. But as you have got 1.10, you may omit that.

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Thanks for that. The BRN30055C2A2F69 is the printer, smv-port is the Airport storage.

With the Mango in extender mode, the devices go in and out of availability (from macOS; they never disconnect from the main router) but generally it’s working better now than the Creta did. Which is surprising! I thought dual-band would be better for this, but maybe it actually just makes the setup more complicated.

With the Mango in extender mode, the devices have been working reliably for half a day now, so I’ll mark this issue solved. Not sure what changed, but it may have been something that happened after booting macOS into Safe Mode.

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