Devices not online

Why do wifi devices that are not online always seem to be online?

Could you elaborate on what you are asking? Are you just asking generally or specifically connected to a GL.iNet device? But in general, devices can remain connected to Wi-Fi, when both in standby or sleep mode. It really depends on the device settings.

For example. A guest came to the house and as soon as I enter the wifi password, it goes online. It should automatically go offline when the guest leaves, but it doesn’t. It always stays in the online menu. But it works when I turn the device on and off.

You can be connected to Wi-Fi with no traffic. I don’t know what the interval is the GL.iNet device checks to see if a device is connected. It could be pinging every 30 (or longer) secs.

The person who connects to the internet has his own house 30 km away from me. It is impossible to pink

Is your GL.iNet device on the latest firmware. Please provide details of your device and the firmware it is on, so the forum can better assist.

What is the device? It might be worth editing and adding some more details in the original post. At least others can respond if they’re having similar issues with the device etc.

my device GL-inet GL-MT3000

I also have a GL-MT3000, I’ve tested two seperate devices connected to the Wi-Fi, then disconnecting. They remained in the Online Clients list for 30 seconds before disappearing. How long does the device stay in that list or does it not remove itself?

It’s still on my online list since yesterday evening. For example, I unplugged the Alexa device yesterday and its electrical connection is still in my online list.

That seem odd, it looks to be a bug. As I said my devices move from the Online Clients to the Offline Clients list below it after 30 seconds.

Yeah, it could be stale cache in the browser. @legolas : Try pulling up the GL GUI in private or incognito mode & check.

I reinstalled the software but it’s still the same. I cleared the browser cache. problem persists