DFS Option to Disable

I have recently purchased another GL.iNet router a GL-AXT1800 but I like using manual channels on 5.8 GHz have done and always will, is there a way to disable the DFS when selecting channels manually it takes ages while it checked the channel, I don’t have this problem with my GL-AX1800 which I believe this is how it should, I do appreciate that’s it’s a stipulation that router manufacturers have to follow but it’s a very silly restriction, If the router was running 500mw + with a good matched antenna it would make sense but as a radio ham we would refer to most routers as running flea power with poorly matched antennas.
I tried a few different country settings, is there something I can add to the wireless configuration file to disable this.

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There is no need to wait when selecting a non-DFS channel, such as channel 36.