DHCP - Drop-IN

I use the brume 2 and have activated drop-in.
I have deactivated the DHCP server of my router.

The brume works and all connections are routed correctly via the brume and the VPN client.

The DHCP server is activated in the brume: IP Range: - 245

However, all clients receive an IP address from the IP range of my router: 192.168.178.xxx

Can someone explain this to me or how do the clients receive the addresses despite DHCP being switched off?

Are you sure that DHCP is disabled on the main router?

If I remember right, this is precisely how Drop-In works: It copies the settings of the main network.

ok, but I connected a NEW device and it gets also an IP from 192.168.178.xxx

BUT, I found the solution.
The DHCP setting for the WAN of the brume can be defined in the Advanced Settings (WRT) of the brume.
There you can define the DHCP range for the WAN Port :wink: