DHCP just on WLAN


I would Like to realized the follow:

If a Client connect with Cable (LAN or WAN), he don’t getan IP from the AR300M DHCP.
If a Client connect to WLan then he get an IP from the AR300M DHCP.

If I have a Client ( static / connected with cable and a secound Client (DHCP: / I would like also be able to reach(ping) to each other.

I tried in advanced Settings to Create a Interface “WLAN” and actived DHCP. In Physcal Setup I Checked Interface “WLan” and bridged Interface.

In “LAN” Interface Í disable DHCP and checked ETH0 ETH1 and briged Interface.

I think somethings is wrong. but what? Have you a solution for me?


What is th current problem?

Is the subnet of the WLAN and lan the same?

Maybe need to check the firewall settings as well, if you need LAN to access internet.


the actual Problem is that I can ping from the cable LAN with the PC Name of a WLAN PC but not the IP. I would like to disable the Firewall complet. There is no Internet in the Network.
Thanks Rob

What is the subnet of WLAN?

Both has

I mean 192.168.8.x or 10.85.17.x?

Oh. 10.*** see the Attachment. I would like disable the fire wall but don’t know how?