Did Flint GL-ax1800 Chipset Driver get Updated recently?

When I logged in to LuCi I swear it us to say Qualcomm IPQ6000 and it know says Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. IPQ6018/AP-CP03-C1. This is not the one flashed. Was there a chipset driver update. I could also just be go crazy :rofl:

Im not 100% sure but I think there is somewhere a script on the router which downloads the driver, if you go to the home directory I often see a bin file I think this is the wireless driver/chipset.

However Im not sure where I saw this code (I could be confused with the firmware update code when I was searching for other things), I think its on the mwan3 main config, but it could also be in the glinet init script itself, perhaps somebody can confirm it better?

There is no chipset driver update over the air, unless you update the firmware.

The UI may display something differently because Qualcomm use the same core for several SOCs.

SoC model may be different from CPU model etc.

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