Differences GL-MT3000 and GL-AXT1800


Very interesting, I have a choice.
Have a GL-MT1300 (Berly) successfully in use (also had my problems). I can do without the SD/TF card.
Use it as a 2nd line to the fixed network (VDSL 35B) or if the fixed network line fails.
The GL-MT1300 is usually off, but is only used when needed.
This is used as a repeater, currently used by the iPhone 13 Pro Max as an LTE/5G hotspot.
A full 600MB/s via 5G from iPhone via WLAN 5GHz to the GL-MT1300 1X to the switch directly to use the 2 lines extra and 1X to the UDM-SE for backup/failure…

Now I had ordered and tested the GL-MT3000 (Berly AX).
Unfortunately very bad WLAN data, no matter whether 2.4 or 5GHz and 5GHz WLAN from iPhone to GL-MT3000 (Berly AX) is not usable, have tested a lot, with Mac clone, all FW. due to Stable, Beta & Snapshot no connection via WiFi 5GHz iPhone? I also created a conversation here about this but no hint/help led to success?

Now I have ordered a new GL-MT3000 (Berly AX) and a GL-AXT (Slate AX) for comparison.

Why doesn’t the 5GHz WiFi from the iPhone hotspot work, it finds it but doesn’t connect
Here’s my conversation:
Problem GL-MT3000 (Berly AX) WLAN 5GHz von iPhone 13 Pro Max!

Sven Hornung

hp Please excuse my bad English

its wfi 6, it comes standard