Different Passwword for Admin + NAT?

Via Samba I can access the data on usb stick.
I would like go share these data to others.

Unfortunately the password for the USB NAT is the same as the Web-Admin passwort.

Is it possible to have a different password for USB-NAT which I can share with others without having the risk of getting the Glinet 300 M router reconfigured by others?

You can but you will need to go deeper than using the UI’s.

Here is how to do it:

Basically you will need to make a new user like you would in linux, editing the passwd file, add a smbpasswd to it, and change the config of samba. It is all in the link above, half way down.

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Thanks a lot.

I don’t know what I did wrong. Your link says:
“At share level access all users on the network can access the share, and all files are shared with all users.”
And indeed, the network password is sufficient for access, no need for the admin password.

Works as you wanted now? :slight_smile: